Landfill Fees

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Gate Fee Booth

Gate fees are applicable at all scaled landfill sites.  Prices effective July 1, 2014.
No charge loads:
  • Any vehicle hauling 2 or less large trash bags or up to 2 cathode ray tube (CRT) devices (e.g. TVs or computer monitors) per day. 
Minimum Loads:
  • Routine Refuse - $9.00 per load for up to 0.4 tons (800 pounds) 
  • Loads containing > 50% Green Waste - $12.00 per load for up to 0.4 tons (800 pounds)  
  • Hard to Handle - $12.00 per load for up to 0.25 tons (500 pounds)
Per Ton Rate:
  • $0.75 charge for sale of Orange Safety Vest (per vest)  
  • $1.00 per tire for loads containing up to 9 standard vehicle tires 
  • $5.20 per semi-truck and off-the-road tires up to 9 tires
  • $10.00 for uncovered loads 
  • Late Staying Customer Fees: $60.00 (16-30 minutes past closing);$120.00 (31 minutes or more past closing)
  • Miscellaneous Routine Refuse
  • Concrete or Asphalt
  • Clean fill dirt 
  • Appliances
  • Construction/Demolition (75% of load less than 300 pound pieces)
  • Chemical Toilets/Septic Tank Waste/Grease Traps (Blythe only)
  • Wood, Wood chips, Brush, Tree Trimmings, Grass, and Palm fronds.
  • Herbicide containers (triple-rinsed & punctured)
  • Sewer Screenings/Grit sand
  • Dead animals
  • Other items requiring immediate burial
  • Construction/Demolition (25% of load more than 300 pound pieces)
  • Rootballs or tree trunks (over 200 pounds each – 7 feet long or 24 inch diameter)
  • All End Dump loads (special handling is required for safety)
  • Treated Wood Waste (e.g. railroad ties, grape stakes, etc) (Badlands and Lamb Canyon only)
Vehicles hauling loads of more than 9 standard vehicle tires and/or equipment tires (Manifest will be required) and any load with 1 or more oversize tires, will be charged at the per ton rate for Tires.  Tires cannot exceed 4 feet in diameter and/or 200 lbs each.


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